Why BAGE is Your Best Choice...

We provide a full compliment of accounting and bookkeeping professionals 24/7 who will take care of your entire bookkeeping, finance and accounting needs- virtually. There’s no need to hire expensive staff as we will do it all for one reasonable fee...GUARANTEED!


24/7 Access to data & Free Support

Feel secure with 24/7 access to your up-to-date information, data and documents. Have a question or concern? Take comfort in knowing we're always available to help- at no additional cost!

Guaranteed Fixed fees & monthly payments

Wave goodbye to numerous unreasonable accounting charges. ALL of our fees are fixed so you'll never receive an unexpected bill. And to prevent you from receiving one large bill to pay at the end of each year, we also offer easy monthly payments to ease up your cash flow!

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Customized Plans designed for your Business

All businesses are different with varying degrees of need. Time commitments also vary, so we customize a plan that is the right fit for your business. This makes our services affordable to ALL businesses.


Guaranteed Filing Deadlines                    

You will never have to worry about key filing deadlines because in the very unlikely event we miss one, we'll pay ALL of the fines and give you $250 for your inconvenience. 

Access to Secure Technology                

BAGE provides you access to some of the most up-to-date software, technology and apps for assisting you with billing, payroll, time-keeping and more!

I have found BAGE to be reliable, knowledgeable, responsive and very customer focused. When I engaged Gerard in our business he took the time to get to know the business and in doing so has been able to anticipate our needs. What has been refreshing is that Gerard has exceeded my expectations.
— Harry Turner- Owner/Manager, WineKitz

The Benefits Of Virtual Accounting

Convenient & efficient meetings scheduled around you

Save time & money by limiting support staff

Access to secure, cutting edge software & technology

24/7 access to up to date data information & documents

Virtual. The Most Exciting Thing to Happen To Accounting. Ever.


The benefits of outsourcing professional accounting services are endless- efficient virtual meetings are scheduled around your convenience and reduce travel time and expenses- all while increasing productivity. By using cutting edge software and storing your data on our secure servers, it provides access to your up to date information, data and documents, from anywhere, at anytime.

The only noticeable difference between working with a virtual accountant and having an accountant in-house is well, office space. Using a virtual accountant actually increases availability to your information, data and support as our accountants are  not confined to your typical employees working hours of 9-5. By eliminating the need to hire additional support staff, you can reduce your employee costs, payroll, hardware and office expenses!

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