At BAGE, our main goal is to help you to do what you do best.  By allowing you to stay focused on your business, we can aide you in escalating your business to new heights. At BAGE,  we are passionate about partnering with entrepreneurs and business owners that value finance as a core resource for the sound business operations.

Here’s how we  CAN help

●      Federal and Provincial Tax Preparation

We promise to keep all of our clients informed about all the latest legislation, taxation issues and preparation for filing tax returns.

●      Consultation for Startup Finances and Funding

We promise to provide professional & sound advice to our small businesses clients and build strategic plans to help them grow with the right funding for their business.

●      Tax Planning

We help our clients make informed decisions so that they meet their personal & business goals.

●      Corporate Structuring

We assist in planning for mergers, acquisitions, expansion, purchasing and selling.

●      Dealing with Canada Revenue Agency

We'll put your mind at ease by dealing directly with all provincial and federal auditing agencies.

●      Bookkeeping and Payroll services

We are happy to assist your business by maintaining your books, explaining cash flow, budgeting and taking care of payroll. 

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We are a CPA firm that implements strategic tactics that will help you plan and grow your business. So whether you need help in bookkeeping, payroll, cashflow, taxation planning/preparation or you are thinking of how to advance your business operations, we are here to help.

Additional Ways We Can Help 

-    Improve your credit rating

-    Update clients about changing tax laws

-    Manage and negotiate with creditors for continuous flow of funds

-    Make your business compatible with investment plans that are good for your business

-    Tell you about multiple sources of income.