We have years of experience in providing valuable bookkeeping services focused on the individual needs of small businesses. Through a virtual back office, our well trained professional bookkeepers provide these services conveniently saving you time and money.


BAGE Bookkeeping Services Include…

✓      Account Set Up

✓      Preparing and Reviewing Balance Sheets

✓      Preparing and Reviewing Income Statements

✓      Taking care of Cash flow/ Budgeting

✓      Providing Monthly, Quarterly, Year End Reviews

✓      Presenting Financial Analysis

✓      Variance Analysis and Comparison

Our first priority is to understand your business and completely evaluate the precise accounting and bookkeeping services needed to improve your business efficiency.

Here are few questions that we MAY ask before we begin:

●       Are you clear with what kind of services you want/need from us?

●       How comfortable are you working with virtual or online bookkeeping services?

●       Are there a specific tasks that you are looking to get help?

●       How often do you want your books updated?

We understand that if you own a startup or a small business, you will undoubtedly have financial questions. We make it our mission to listen to all your concerns and customize our services so they fit your business needs. There also may be times when you might need assistance with taxation issues. Don’t worry- along with small business bookkeeping, we can help in all areas of financial services. 


Say goodbye to long term financial costs associated with hiring in-house accountants. We offer professional and timely services that take care of all of your financial needs within your business. We relieve you from the burden of  time consuming tasks by:

➢      Maintaining Operating Margins

➢      Investment recovery from in-house accountants and their training

➢      Assisting Retail Businesses

➢      Clearing Financial Backlogs, Reconciliations, Ledgers

➢      Instant scale-up options